Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch: How-To Install

Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch:

Welcome to StimTeam‘s in-depth guide on “Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch: How-To Install.” As experts in sports facility development, we provide step-by-step instructions for creating a top-notch playing surface.

Whether you’re managing a sports facility, a school, or a community space, follow these detailed guidelines to ensure a durable, safe, and high-performance hockey pitch. 
# Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch: How-To Install

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Site Preparation:
Step 2: Base Construction:
Step 3: Shock Pad Installation:
Step 4: Artificial Grass Unrolling:
Step 5: Cutting and Joining:
Step 6: Infill Material Installation:
Step 7: Line Marking:
Step 8: Goal Installation:
Step 9: Perimeter Installations:
Step 10: Regular Maintenance Guidelines:
Step 11: Player Safety Considerations:
Step 12: Professional Assistance:

Step 1: Site Preparation

Begin by clearing the designated area of debris, rocks, and vegetation. Proper drainage is crucial, so grade the site away from the center to facilitate water runoff. This sets the foundation for a stable playing surface.

Step 2: Base Construction

Construct a solid and porous base using materials like crushed stone or porous asphalt. Compact the base thoroughly to ensure stability and durability.

Step 3: Shock Pad Installation

For enhanced player comfort and safety, consider installing a shock-absorbing pad. Ensure it covers the entire playing surface evenly.

Step 4: Artificial Grass Unrolling

Unroll the artificial grass turf over the prepared surface and allow it to acclimate for a day. This minimizes wrinkles and creases, ensuring a smooth playing surface.

Step 5: Cutting and Joining

Precisely cut the turf to fit the playing area and use seam tape and adhesive to join different sections seamlessly.

Step 6: Infill Material Installation

Spread infill material evenly across the turf, using materials like silica sand and rubber granules. Brush the infill into the turf fibers to enhance stability and performance.

Step 7: Line Marking

Mark hockey pitch lines using white paint or turf-friendly marking materials. Ensure accurate measurements and straight lines for proper gameplay.

Step 8: Goal Installation

Install hockey goals securely in accordance with regulations. Ensure they are level and firmly anchored to prevent movement during play.

Step 9: Perimeter Installations

Install perimeter features like boards or fencing to contain the playing area. Secure these features firmly to maintain the integrity of the pitch.

Step 10: Regular Maintenance Guidelines

Establish a routine maintenance plan, including brushing the turf and inspecting for any signs of damage. Address issues promptly to ensure the longevity of the playing surface.

Step 11: Player Safety Considerations

Ensure the surface meets safety standards, providing appropriate shock absorption. Regularly check and maintain the shock-absorbing properties of the surface to reduce the risk of injuries.

Step 12: Professional Assistance

Consider seeking the assistance of professionals experienced in artificial turf installations, especially for larger projects.


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# Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch: How-To Install